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Winter is Coming

We are an adult minded guild that helps players improve their abilities by helping each other out so that everyone has a positive experience from WoW. If you're looking for fun raids, Vanilla, BC, LK, Cata, MoP and WoD or even if you are not into raiding, we offer many different levels of game play.

The guild currently has players from across the USA and Canada. We focus on casual raiding, questing and achievements. We also encourage PvP as an individual or as a group for those that are interested in arena and Battle Grounds.

Winter is Coming may give you a chance to join a Raiding Team (Providing you appropriately geared, enchanted and socketed). Unless "Open Recruiting" is active, we normally require players to have a level 90+ character as your main to join. 

We use Teamspeak-3 for voice and though it is not required for membership, it is required for raiding.

Please see Guild Rules (link above) if you are interested in joining.